Reasons people steal

16 December, 2007

Amusing how people associate stealing with petty crime. What about the pension funds that are being robbed of billions of dollars? The federal budget that is being financed with money our children will need to cough up? The resources that are being taken from the powerless half a world away? Are these not examples of theft?

The reason for these shameless crimes, dear reader, is one: because we allow them to do so.

You see, it is not “Enron” or “GM” that raid their pension funds – there are individuals that do this. The same goes for the people that draft or adjudicate the federal budget and those that strategise an invasion or hold the guns to implement one. Stealing happens because you and I do not stop these individuals from perpetrating their crimes.

We are made to believe that we are powerless. Often, we are not even informed of the most heinous acts of thievery performed more often than not in our name. Realise, however, that you are not helpless in the face of what seems an overpowering bunch of thugs.

In reality, there is more of us than there is of this elite we speak of: one president, hundreds of officials, send hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers to die as canon fodder for their umpteenth kleptocratic raid of a faraway country. Don’t re-elect him or anybody looking to pursue the same policy. The corporations ravaging the savings of you and me finance the politicians that then help them get absolved, or worse, install puppets of those same corporations in positions of public power. Get rid of those politicians, as soon as you can.

This is not unrealistic. It can be done – one step at a time.

Starting now.


2 Responses to “Reasons people steal”

  1. Floris Says:

    The suggested solution to get rid of the thugs is to not re-elect them. However, do you feel that there are other candidates available who do not “pursue the same policy”? I personally think that much more is required to bring about a change in corporate governance or government at country level. According to Macchiavelli you need two just rulers to convert a badly administered city state into a properly administered one. And remember that he was only talking about 50,000 people communities. A totally different scale than the almost 300 Million people in the US for instance.

    So, as you justly state, “one step at a time”. It would be nice to find out which litle steps you had in mind.

  2. mbotta Says:

    floris, it often seems as if there are no candidates outside of the corporate sphere, doesn’t it? the coming elections seem to confirm this.

    reality is, we allow ourselves to be lulled into apathy by the mass media, themselves an exponent of the establishment. notwithstanding what we hear on television, alternatives do exist. ralph nader in the us represents a true alternative to the reduced political spectrum that is proposed as the acceptable electoral space – mccain or obama. but you wouldn’t know if you only read the mainstream papers.

    whatever country you go, the alternatives exist, more or less visible. one needs to recognise the limits of acceptable political discourse and be willing look beyond them; that is where you will find the candidates. the fact that they seem hopeless is a self-fulfilling prophesy, mostly fuelled by those same mass media.

    as a general rule, change will not come from within the system. candidates that emanate from the party cadres have invested too much into their political careers to stray from the narrow spectrum of acceptable policies. ignore them, would be my advise. ignore them and look beyond current parliamentary choices.

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